Air Pumps

Regenerative Air Blowers Canada

Regenerative blowers can reach higher pressures with effective duty to 65 inches, operate in more corrosive environments and operate at lower noise levels than industry standard commercial blowers. They are inexpensive to operate, and the air they deliver is oil-free. They are extremely energy-efficient. Regenerative air blowers are simple, and simplicity means reliability.

The blowers we provide have only one moving part: a dynamically balanced impeller that is attached directly to the motor shaft.

The rotating impeller doesn’t touch a thing, so there’s no wear, no vibration, no seals and no lubrication. Maintenance involves just washing the inlet air filters as needed and replace the motor bearings after three years of continuous operation.

All blowers come with internal mufflers and low-restriction, washable inlet filters as standard equipment. Outlet flex hoses, which simplify installation, are also standard equipment. The blower’s electric motor is a high-efficiency type motor that will run cool and handle a wide range of power variations so often found in rural locations. Automatic thermal overload protection is standard.
Should a power brownout occur and trip the motor, the blower will automatically restart after cooling. Motors are completely enclosed and fan cooled for the highest reliability in a humid aquaculture environment. Each blower is assembled with antiseize compound, performance tested prior to shipment and guaranteed by the manufacturer for three years.

All are UL-listed, CSA-certified and CE-compliant.


Altitude High altitude will affect blower performance. Deduct 4% of volume and pressure for every 1,000′ (300 m) above sea level.

Starting the Regnerative Blower
The 3,450-rpm motors that are used on these regenerative blowers require about ten seconds to reach full speed. During this period, power draw is much higher than normal. See specifications for both starting watts and running watts. Use starting watts to size generators and use full load amps to size breakers.

Additional Information
Single-phase blowers up to and including 1 hp are supplied with a 8′ power cord. All other blowers are shipped without cords.

All blowers come with inlet air filters and flexible pipe connectors as standard equipment. Three-year warranty begins on date of shipment. Double the pressure by using two blowers of the same size, with one blowing into the other.

3-Phase Equipment
We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment. Motor starters, phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation of 3-Phase blowers.

Rotary Claw Air Compressors Canada

The rotary claw series positive displacement pressure pumps feature a compact rotary claw design that is air cooled, dryrunning and non-contacting.

These features along with quality construction results in a pump that offers extremely high reliability and a long service life.

Non-contacting Design – eliminates internal wear and parts to replace Air Cooling – no water levels to check and no cooling system to maintain Dry-Running – no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the pumping chamber, so there is minimal maintenance.

Operating costs are low because of the maintenance-free design and the reduced power requirements made possible by the pumps’s high volumetric efficiency along with a noncontacting pumping chamber. Inside the pump housing, two claw shaped rotors take in air as they rotate in opposite directions.

The air is compressed by the rotors,then discharged through a silencer to atmosphere. The non-return valve incorporated into the inlet flange prevents air from back flowing through the pump when the pump is turned off. The rotary claw pressure pumps are directly driven by a flanged motor, and the two rotors are synchronized by gears.

A wide range of accessories allows optimum adaptation to many applications and these dry rotary claw pressure pumps are used across a broad range of industries for many different applications and are well suited to applications where dust particles may be present.

Rotary claw pressure pumps are especially suited to: Beverage Industry | Environmental Technology | Aeration | Pneumatic Conveying | Printing Industry

Rotary Vane Air Compressors Canada

Rotary vane compressors can provide air to moderate depths up to 27 feet and are the only compressor made specifically for the aquatic industry and aeration industry. These motor-mounted, oilless rotary vane compressors are compact, easy-to-service and excellent for moderate-pressure, continuous-duty applications.

They more than double the air output of piston compressors with better longevity. Sacrificial oilless carbon vanes automatically adjust as they wear to maintain efficiency. Thermal overload protection, air filter, inlet check valve and 8′ power cord is included.

Ten-psi models work to a depth of 18 feet and 15-psi models work to 27 feet, depending on tubing diameter and distance. The only wearing parts are carbon vanes, which can be replaced in about 15 minutes using common tools (in continuous operation, vanes last 9 to 18 months, depending on operating pressure).

Rotary vane compressors are performance tested and covered by a one-year warranty (not including air filters, vanes, water damage or lightning damage). Single-phase models are 115V if not specified; three-phase are 230V.

Check valves are recommended where long underwater runs of air tubing can fill with water when the compressor is off. Three-phase models ship with vanes removed. 3-Phase Equipment We highly recommend using protective devices with all 3-phase equipment.

Motor starters, phase monitors and phase protectors are not included in the sale and should be sourced locally. Failure to install protective devices will void most warranties. We also recommend that a certified electrician perform the installation.

Rocking Piston Air Pumps Canada
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Continuous-duty oil-free rocking piston air compressors are the highest performing piston compressors available. They are the perfect choice for aerating small ponds or deep water applications. They come equipped with noise reducing intake air filter, pressure relief valve, 6-foot power cord and thermal overload protection. 1/3 hp, 20 psi max continuous duty, 1/4 FNPT outlets.

Available in single cylinder or dual cylinder models.

Single piston model provides 1.6 CFM @ 20 PSI and operates at 4.4 AMPS. Open flow airflow is 2.2 CFM.

Dual piston models are available in 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP and provide 2.9 CFM @ 20 PSI for the 1/2 HP model amd 4.2 CFM @ 20 PSI and operates at 5.3 AMPS for the 1/2 HP and 5.4 AMPS for the larger model. Open flow airflow is 3.5 CFM for the small dual cylinder and 5.2 CFM open air flow for the larger dual cylinder pump.