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Acadian Aquatic Systems is independently owned and operated and is based in New Brunswick, Canada.  We provide sales, service, design and expertise for owners and managers of private, industrial, municipal and waste water ponds in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada and the Eastern Seaboard of North America.

We offer service and products to meet the requirements and needs of small and large scale ponds and aquatic systems. On the small scale we specialize in decorative water garden and koi ponds and can furnish products for UV filtration, skimmers, pond liner, lighting kits and pumps and fountains. On the large scale we assist commercial operations and municipalities with aeration systems, pond beautification and efficiency assurance in aquatic management through biological remediation and large scale aeration in waste water to deicing and marina protection.

Contact us toll free in North America for any project from decorative water features and fish ponds to environmentally sound industrial aquatic systems. Acadian Aquatic Systems, serving you better than ever!


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